Monster Coats, made specifically for kids, is the newest and coolest collection of winter coats and hats!

About Our Monsters

Monster Coats believes in FUN! We think children should be outside, out in the world and having a blast doing it. We also believe in quality. This season’s collection of Monster Coats includes an internal water resistant liner, brightly colored toggles, an internal zippered pocket and cuffed sleeves. Monster Coats are made to be worn and expected to get dirty, which is why our coats are machine washable. Embrace your inner monster and don’t be cold, be COOL.

Our expert coat designer Millard knows all about monsters – he is one!

Millard the monster had no hair.
When he went outside, people would stare.

He’d turn blue with cold when winter came.

He couldn’t play in the snow, it was such a shame.

So he sat and designed for a day and a night.
A beautiful coat furry and bright.

He cut and he sewed until the garment was done.
He then put it on, WOW it looked fun!

He ran outside, oh what a surprise!
The people all looked they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Millard was warm and nobody’s fool.
He was no longer cold, he was just very COOL.

Monster Coats - Don’t be cold, be cool!